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Kits and Snaths

Kits and Snaths

Here are some MOWING KITS which we would like to recommend for beginners. All the items can be bought separately for the same price as are offered here as a part of the kit. We've simply offered kits to make an option for the new mower easier and faster so that he can get into the meadow to beat the grass in time.

The following table shows the differences between each of the 2 variations. There are basicaly 2 categories :

  • Commited Mower
  • Extremely Commited Mower

Varieties are a bit outdated as we now offer snaths in more sizes (S, M, L and XL).

The commited mowers will use snath (S,M,L or Xl) and 65cm long blade. Very commited mowers will use snath (S,M, L or XL) and 75cm long blade.  The lenght of blade has not much to do with the hight of the mowet but Snath size M is for persons till 183 cm tall, L is for people from 183 cm and XL for those who reached 190 cm and more. 

If you wish us to swap stone-holder for different one, just let us know in comment.

The table below is a bit outdates as we do not sell Bregenzer stone anymore and we do sell snaths in more sizes, but you can see the difference between the the kits.

kit image


Austrian Style Ergonomic Snath, ash (size S,M,L,XL) Austrian Style Ergonomic Snath, ash (size S,M,L,XL)
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Model: Ergon.kosiště, jasan
This is ergonomic  Austrian style snath from ash wood.  We offer them in 4 sizes and both handles are adjustable. They also come with a "snath saver", a small piece of metal to protect the toe of the snath from spliting or damage if the ring becomes loose and is not noticed by mower immediately a..
1,830 Kč
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