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Tools, accessories

Tools, accessories

 Stone-holder (dipper)- zinc-coated, copper or leather, leather blade protector, natural whet-stone Rozsutec from Slovakia, anvils and hammers, peeining jig and ring and key to mountain the blade on snath. 

Copper Whetstone Holder (watertight)
New Hot
Model: Copper Watertight Whetstone Holder,
An uncommon item, the beautiful stone-holder (dipper) for those who love this material. Again fresh ones in stock for more favourable prize!..
225 Kč
Leather case for blade Leather case for blade
New Hot
Model: Pouzdro na kosu/kůže
From a small manufacture of our neighbours the horse-saddle makers Jan Lenoch and Son from our village Mladočov, Czech republic.  The Case serves to protect the blade edge and of course it is useful for security of your surrounding.  The price varies according to lenght of blade, but because o..
798 Kč
Leather Dipper
New Hot In Stock
Model: Kožený toulec
Hand stitched stone holder made from real leather in a small manufacture of our neighbours the horse-saddle makers Jan Lenoch and Son from our village Mladočov, Czech republic.  There is inserted in it zinc-coated stone-holder, which is already included in the prize. According to how much other w..
490 Kč
Long anvil FUX with support Long anvil FUX with support
New Hot
Model: Long anvil FUX with support
It is a exceptionally beautiful, long and super hard (top 3 cm - 64 Rc) anvil with a clever support and guide to help hold steady the blade while peening. We now use this new anvil ourselves exclussively instead of the antique long anvils shown in some of older youtube videos as the quality (hard..
2,050 Kč
Narrow Anvil - Made in Germany Narrow Anvil - Made in Germany
New Hot
Model: Narrow Anvil - Made in Germany
We believe that the method of freehand peening which uses the narrow anvil and flat-faced hammer is easier to learn; damage to the blade is less likely and one does not require a speciality peening hammer. (The cross-peen hammers sold for this purpose rarely come from the factory with a face "ready ..
935 Kč
Peenig Jig
New Hot In Stock
Model: peening jig
This item is very useful to beginners who have not yet gained experience with free-hand peening but would like to enjoy using a scythe. If you have not got a hand of hand peening yet, you might damage a bit the edge, which should not happen with this jig. Please see the video i English  for a demo o..
718 Kč
Peening Hammer (made in Germany) Rc 55 Peening Hammer (made in Germany) Rc 55
New Hot
Model: Peening Hammer (made in Germany) Rc 55
 At first sight ordinary hammer, BUT... in fact this is high quality hammer hardened to 55 Rc (so that you do not "peen" the hammer...). Made in Germany, by company Picard - finished ready to use.  ..
868 Kč
Ring Regular (40 mm x 40 mm) Ring Regular (40 mm x 40 mm)
New Hot
Model: Ring Regular (40 mm x 40 mm)
These are galvanized and hold the blade in place considerably better than most rings on the international market (the set screws have finer threads, are placed on a diagonal in the plate, and the high-quality hex wrench/Allen key provided with each won't twist off or strip as do many cheap versions)..
60 Kč
Sanding Block
New Hot
Model: Sanding Block
This is an emery powder embedded in a rubber matrix measuring 8.5x5x2cm. We offer it in medium grit 120 . Produced by a German company called Klingspor, we were unable to find it in normal shops so are providing it to mowers for their convenience. These abrasive blocks are used prior to peening free..
224 Kč
Slovakia Rozsutec Whetstone (natural)
New Hot
Model: Slovakia Rozsutec Whetstone (natural)
Slovakia natural whetstone Rozsutec to hone blade. It is a natural whetstone (coming from Mala Fatra region, Slovakia) and has considerably finer grit (600-800), but is hard (not crumbling), quarried by hand ( a pick-ax, shovel and steel bar) and cut to the final shape with a diamond wheel in a tiny..
230 Kč
Whetstone holder (dipper)- zinc-coated
New Hot
Model: Economy -Whetstone holder (dipper)- zinc-coated
An economy version of our Copper water tight whetstone holder (Dipper), the only difference being the material is pozink. A zink-coated dipper or the delux copper version (filled with some water) are required for mowing in the field to keep your whetstone wet and clean so it's ready to use every ..
64 Kč
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