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About Us

Dear Mowers!Imagem

we are ordinary people, permanetly livint in the countryside in a small village in eastern part of the Czech Republic ( East Bohemia). It happens that after depoplulation of the country only retired seniors are left in it. Or those who perhaps could not do anything else but to stay in “poor” village as they are not capable to achieve or aspire for anything better. However, contrary to expectation or general trends we moved in here beeing aware of what we are doing.  In fact we think that if a man has kins (family) homestead, his own meadow and garder, he is far from beeing poor, because soil or land even in fairytales representes real lastin wealth bringing affluency. Ultimate luxury is possibility to be surrounded by nature, by trees planted with one’s own hand, to be in a helthy way grouned by daily reality and naturally flowing time (slowed down) of nature. To have one’s own garder , orchard or pasture land means to have one’s own home food. As they come from one’s own homestead, they contain the certain negligible but still significant something what with its nutritional value trespasses mere materila side of the matter. Our homestead, in spite of the present mechanisation, can not do without good scythe and a man who know how to peen it well. The blade help to cut grass as feeding or hey for the animals. It continues in bound connections like in the Czech fairly tale About chicken and rooster: The meadow shall give the mower the grass for the cow, the cow shall give cream, the cream will give the butter, the butter will give us fat soluble vitamins which will support our health. They are prevention of  tooth decay and osteoporoses.

 Věra /Vyera/ comes from Kopřivnice, town famous for its car industry (Tatra trucks), but surrounded from three sides by hills and forests (Beskydy Mountains). She used to visit grandmothers living in semihermitages several  a couple of miles away, where she would find enjoying herself beeing in a garden, oak forests or by the pond, instead of PC. She would read a book or seek for forgotten treasure in an old loft. Vera graduated gramer school in Příbor and Philosofical Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc.  Two years study in Tokyo (At Gakushuin Joshi Daigaku), Japan was interesting life experience for her because beside English filology she also studied Japanese studies 

She worked for a short period of time as an interpreter from Japanese and even translated some texts (The Story of Rennyo in Czech was published for older children), she was pulled to some sensible healthy activity, which would trespass her personal need, but also would pay regard to nature and surrounding world. IN 2002 she met Neil in Olomouc. She is in charge now of running eshop, garden, flowers and plans what toi cook for dinner, check the hand of kids whether they washed them and whether they fullfiled their tasks. Vera and her husband Neil are publisher so local periodicum quartely of village Mladočov, she is member of righ political party and in spite of her anxiety she belives that everything will be all righ at the end. And if it is not all righ, then it is not the end yet. It only means that the work is not over, or will be over once we sail across the see and get the the suffering.  She also believes that if two older brother did not succeed in achieving certain task (to kill monster dragon), because it just did not “work”, that somebody would be found who would manage it and would be successful. Click here, if you want to learn more about Vera in Czech only.

Once upon a time in a different kingdom ther was living beyond the English channel on British Islands in part called England in a small town called POtters Bar norht of London a small boy just a half year older then Vera called Neil. He has got a twin brother, with whom they are monozygotic twins. If you come a cross him, beware he might not be Neil. He loved his nannie (grandmother) whose house was scented with lavenda, and grandpa, who was a skilfull DIY and lived as long as 94 years and at the age of 80 he had a fly in air-balloon.  His tranquility was not shaken even after he fell into a small garden pond while already very old.  Neil has got respect to PC and everything they can do a this interest led him to study IT at Heartfordshire University. He worked for about 5 years for various companies, also as a bank consultant. He is happy to try new things: playing saxofon ro meditation vipassana.  The fate took him to Olomouc one day where on birthday party of an Englishman he met Vera. However , Vera just yawned in bordom: You will enjoy thi guy more then enough the intuition told her, you will live with him for more then 50 years. According to Vera Neil is caring, sincere and kind even though sometimes, as other might errously  interpret it, he looks like an unfriendly miserable git. He is currently husbandman, who had to learn from the scratch how to keep livestock, drive tractor Zetor 3011, trimming the hooves, peen the blade and scrape the hairs for slaughtered hog and generally to integrate himself into Czech society. The best thing he liked about Czechs was that in villages everybody has go double wheel cart and that what they don not do themselves they have not got- that they rely on themslelves and their own skills. He dos not consider moving back to England, because he does not know where he would stable the cow Bohushka and where he would get such a good quality full fat milk from. 

Good luck to you from

Vera a Neil Dudmans


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