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Over the years we’ve made quite a few videos, as amatures some are better than others, but our desire has been to share what we know, or have a little fun and express ourseves. We hope that you might find them instructive, interesting, or at least entertaining. We’ve got Mowing, Nourishing traditions, and funny videos.

We’ve had a lot of fun making and editing the videos over the years, learning, improving which is still in progres, if you’d like  us to feature some of your videos here or have something inspiration let us know.

Mowing Videos

Natures calling part1, part2

A simple video of mowing early one morning a little piece of grass we reseaded with a wild medow. Vera is singing some czech folk songs. For us it meant the peace and tranquity of returning to natural work and feeling happy and satisfied again

Ferda scythe -- young kids can try as well

And this is what our young son all those years was eager to do, with a short snath and a sharp blade, very risky :) he set to work and in his own way made some fun.

Girls Mowing

Often girls are told, or perhaps they think themselfs they can’t mow with a scythe. Well when you have a very sharp blade, good technique and you mow early or late in the day when the grass is wet, oh and of course don’t leave you cutting grass till late in the season until the grass because dry and tough, then girls stand a very good chance of actually being better than your average muscled man who’s in a hurry and dosn’t think much. 


This a loverly short video of two girls on a course practicing their technique, the short, most beautiful gil is my wife and mother of my loverly children.

Mowing Synergy 24

At the end of one our early courses we thought what would it be like if suddenly behind me appeard, to help, many mowers ? What would be possible when lots of mowers hit the medows simultainiously. Well this video explores and demonstrates just that.

3 students

One of them Neil had a bit of fun at the end of a course, and compared their skills after most of the other studens had left the field, the hard core remained to play.

kurz 2009 -- where are the scything courses held ?

If anyone is wondering where the scythe courses are held, how beafiful a place we live in and how great the course is going to be? Heres a short video to wet your appitite.

sekac sandokan

A blast from the past, one of our first videos :), the great sekac returns to his native village in czech republic to show all the lazy natives who have long since abanded their senses and bought an expsive and noisy lawnmower, fogoten the scythe.

2009 mowing with ease

Another longer video, inspired at the time by many of the Dolly Parton songs, this is a little story of… well mowing grass. It brings back fond memories, and will hopefully enspire you to learn to love the scythe by becomming skilled and effective with it. Earn the title sekac of your village :)

Courses 2010 Photo-Music video

A short video highlighting a course from 2010, thanks go out to the actors we had to pay to look happy and show you all that they were enjoying themselfs.

lazy mower

I’m proud of trying to be lazy, doing things effectivly so its not like work at all. Well thats what I wanted to show in this video, how the grass would fall with little effort, and how simple it could be to cut around all the small bushes that your wife might plant,

EVERYWHERE. Have to admit if I cut too early or late in the day, or simple can’t see the plants I have cut some of them, and had to face the consequences of an angry wife.

Fixing a scythe blade

Something we shouldn’t have to often do when blades are well peened and sharp when mowing because we wount use much force or effort to cut the grass, therefore if we do hit something then damage to the blade is very minimal.

However it does happen, and in this video we discus and demonstrate how to fix damge and restore the blades edge to its former glory.

Competition blade peening

We don’t sell many of these monster blades, I’ve never used one myself however a few customers have asked us to been theirs even saying that if I didn’t have time he wouldn’t mind waiting. So of course I had to make a video, because its still so strange to be handleing such a large blade, let along peening it.

How we use a peening jig

An instructional video on using a peening jig which we sell.

Peening a sickle free hand

Another instructional video on how to peen a sickle, using the free hand method.

Close up of peening

Part of a series of instructional videos to show what I see on the edige of the blade as I’m peening. The intention is to demonstrate that with a little cleverness (keeping everything clean with the sanding blocks) its actually possible to very easily see where the hammer hits the edge, and therefore gain with a little quality practice precision and consistancy.

Thumb test

This is what we call a simple method for testing the thickness/thinness of the edge of the blade. Basicly your gently rolling your thumb over the edge of the blade, and looking for movement of the very edge, which you can see by the light/reflection changing as you role your thumb. Not clear ? It really is simple, then hopefully the video will demonstrate what we’re talking about.

Peening with the new FUX tall anvil part 1, part2A, part2B

3 overly long videos of how we are peening with the new FUX (Austrian) anvil. There is a lot of detail, so even though they are way too long the keen student can surley pick up a lot, as if they were sitting over my shoulder which way back when I started I had the chance to do with Peter Vido (The slovak/Canadian scythe master).

Nourishing Traditions

Butter made into very tasty things

One of our favourite things, are home chocolates. Made from home butter, lard  and other great things. You have to try them to believe however hopefully this video will inspire you to have a go.

Making cheese

Another instructional video on how we make cheese. I enjoy mostly mature hard cheese. And if it can be as simple as possible without messing around with bought cultures of pasterized milk all the better for me.

How we make butter

A video of how we used to make butter, we’ve not bought a stainless and larger machine. But the process is basicly the same.

You can even use a small glass jar and just shake it, lots of work. Or you can use a food mixer. But for larger quantities which our golden cows provide a better machine was required.

Once we tried with an old fasioned wooden plunger butter maker, we never succeded. Much respect to the machines available today.

Crazy cows

Everyone has one or two at home, especially one spring comes around and its time for your beautiful but frustrated cows out to the medow.

Yes this is a video of our cows one spring, their first time out, and understandably they are very exited.

Weston A Price video with cz subtitles

Vintage footage of weston a price, to us a hero for commonsense, and leading the way to understanding or perhaps remembering the super foods which sustain healthy and happy people.




William wispers

A satiricle video we improtuly made, poking fun at the pompus sometimes experts who are happy to give the impression that they posses special gifts or skills say in horse wispering, or mowing grass.

Mladocov Documentary

A history documentary film we made of our beloved village Mladocov, inspired to make this by our Obec paying to have, what turned out to be a cold and rather boaring, turist video of the obec porici.



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